It’s been years since QTI established, QTI have developed customers with good relationships. And develop also partnership suppliers.  And have begun leadframe stamping and mold compound pelletizing business since 2006.  Beside these, QTI has developed production on vision inspection equipment and production buffers stations specified for customers with our own design patented.

Our Story

QTI is committed to ensure that its products and services provided meet customer expectation in all respects.  To provide customer products and services with high quality, high efficiency and on time delivery in reasonable price.  Such high standards is being realized through our quality manual setup under our international quality systems.


QTI quality systems follows international quality standards with ISO9001:2015 certified.  We have well defined organization, clear responsibility and sufficient resource as to ensure high quality products and services provided to customer.



On year 2016, have setup a new company Talent Focus Semiconductor Material Ltd (TFSM) for carrier tape manufacturing which can meet VDA6.3 standard.

Through continuous improvement programs setup inside our quality system, QTI commit to deliver customers with quality products and services that can meet customer satisfaction.